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Get the 4 month blueprint to address the root cause of your PCOS, so you can have regular periods, get pregnant naturally, and feel energized to take on motherhood…

without expensive fertility treatments, invasive methods, or prescription drugs

Struggling to get pregnant naturally with PCOS?

The pcos pregnancy protocol

after everything we’ve been through. I truly owe this to Dr. Danielle and her assistance with my hormones and health.”

Kristen, PCOS warrior

"I cannot believe we got pregnant in our first month trying. . . 

Your PCOS journey has been a rollercoaster...

Not seeing your period for months at a time isn’t a surprise, and you’re no stranger to disappointing doctor's appointments.

You’ve gone on the birth control pill to “solve things,” only to end up with a whole new set of problems. 

And now that you’re trying to conceive, your doctor’s ready to prescribe another medication (maybe Clomid?) to get your period back. 

So you’ve tried to figure things out on your own. You’ve turned to Google and even hormone gurus online, just trying to figure out what you should be eating to manage your symptoms. 

But here you are, still not ovulating.

From the day you received your diagnosis, you were told getting pregnant might be tricky. But the “might be’s” never actually felt real until now – when you’re ready to grow your family.


“We were trying to conceive for 3 years. Now, several months after working with Dr. Danielle, I am 5 months pregnant and thriving. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the knowledge and help of Dr. Danielle!”  

“I am 5 months pregnant and thriving.”

Here's the thing. . . 

You didn’t always think not getting a regular period was a problem. 

But now you’re told if you want to get pregnant, your only option is to…

Make weekly visits to the fertility clinic (often more than once) 

Test different medications (usually several rounds)

Receive hormonal injections (which often lead to a hormonal imbalance later on)

Pay thousands of dollars (12k on average, sometimes more)

… and pregnancy is not even a guarantee.

And if you don’t love that game plan, you’re told to –

“Just keep trying.”

Your body is not failing you. Conventional medicine is. Unfortunately, this system falls short when it comes to helping women get pregnant naturally.

But the good news is there are SO many natural strategies to consider before turning to IVF or medication!

I know this process is discouraging, but don’t beat yourself up for being in this place.

I'm here to show you what's possible.

In my past life (AKA a decade ago) I was a professional ballet dancer, at which time I developed an eating disorder that ended my career. By the time I left the ballet world, I hadn’t gotten a period in over two years. I was exhausted, losing hair, and painfully bloated. 

After being dismissed by my doctor, I sought answers on my own, which led me down the path to becoming a doctor. It was then that I discovered I had developed Hashimoto’s – an autoimmune condition that results in the same symptoms as PCOS.

Eventually I learned which supplements were right for my body, how to eat to support my hormones, & how to exercise in a way that left me feeling energized – not exhausted. Just like that, I was myself again.

Fast forward to today, and it’s my life’s mission to teach women with similar health issues how to optimize their hormones, so they can live on their own terms.

Like you, I know what it’s like to have no control over your body. 

Hey! I'm dr. Danielle

I’ve helped hundreds of women go from feeling hopeless to thriving with PCOS (and pregnant!).

That’s exactly what I want for you.

The only 4 month hormone program created by a doctor that gives you the education, action steps, and SUPPORT you need to reverse the root cause of your PCOS, so you can have regular periods, eliminate symptoms, and get pregnant naturally.



During this 4 month program, you will. . . 

 Receive high-level support exactly where you are in your fertility journey.

Discover how to maximize holistic strategies by learning what’s best for your body.

Develop habits to support fertility and your overall health that are realistic and sustainable for you.

Uncover targeted diet and lifestyle practices that yield the same results as those medications your doctor prescribed - but with only positive side-effects. 

You don’t stop reaping the rewards once our time together is over. In fact, the *real* gifts reveal themselves after the program when you…

The results don't stop there

Get your period each month

find out you're pregnant

have the energy to actually take on motherhood

Are equipped with tools to support your body forever 

Here's our roadmap

Your hormone journey includes a combination of self-paced educational modules and 1:1 coaching calls with me, to give you both the tools and support you need for real, sustainable change.

online education

  • We’ll dive into Menstrual Cycle 101, so you can understand what’s happening to your hormones during each phase.
  • Discover how to track your cycle, including when you're ovulating, on your own at home.
  • You’ll learn how to prepare your body for pregnancy by optimizing each phase of your cycle with natural therapies. 

BONUS VIDEO: Discover how to optimize egg health for the healthiest baby possible. 

Module 4: Track Your Cycle

  • Discover the important impacts of too much cortisol on your hormones and fertility.
  • Learn how to implement small (but mighty) lifestyle changes, including support for sleep, stress management, and exercise to manage your cortisol levels.
  • We’ll dive into the role caffeine plays in this journey, and how to consume it in a way that doesn’t harm your hormones (don’t worry, you don’t have to ditch your favorite morning beverage!).

BONUS VIDEO: Get doctor-approved tips on how to optimize male fertility.

Module 3: Control Your Cortisol

  • Learn the role blood sugar plays in fertility and how to maintain healthy levels throughout the day.
  • Discover how to build a PCOS-friendly plate without restricting essential food groups.
  • Gain important lifestyle habits that support blood sugar, from exercise to short practices you can do daily.

BONUS VIDEO: Learn how to create a hormone-friendly home.

Module 2: Blood Sugar 101

  • Get a comprehensive review of functional lab testing, including which labs to ask for from your PCP/OBGYN, and how we’ll use them in this program.
  • Discover your PCOS type (yes, there are four different types!) and what that means for you.
  • Learn the foundational supplements that are best for each PCOS type, which provides context for when we review your lab results and create an individualized supplement protocol for you.

BONUS VIDEO: Take a deep-dive on DUTCH Hormone Testing!

Module 1: Manage Your PCOS

Hands-on support

private coaching calls

We’ll have (3) 30-minute private coaching calls at different check-points during the program to review your lab work, develop personalized treatment plans, and provide coaching support. 

Unlimited Messaging with Your Doctor

You’ll have access to unlimited chat support throughout the entire program. So if you have a question (or a juicy win!), just shoot me a message. I wanna know! You can expect a reply within 24 hours Monday-Friday.

Lab Testing

During week 1, we’ll have you submit a blood test, which will give us detailed insight into your hormones, nutrient levels, digestive markers, and more.

Review Results with a Specialist

During week 2, we’ll jump on our first 1:1 call to go over your lab results together, so you understand what’s happening in your body and what it means. 

Personalized Supplement Protocol

We’ll develop a custom supplement protocol based on your lab results. This will include the exact supplements and amount you need to balance your hormones. 

Diet and Lifestyle Coaching

Struggling to make changes to your regular diet and exercise routines? We’ll talk about how you can make small, realistic changes that you’ll actually stick with.

Because I Want You to Feel 100% Supported on Your PCOS Journey, You’ll Also Get These Bonuses...

bonus #1: Access to medical grade supplements

You’ll have access to the highest quality supplements on the market which you can order through me! No fillers or toxins here. 

Bonus #2: 80+ PCOS-Friendly Recipes

Struggle to create meals you love that also support your PCOS? I’ve got more than 80 simple & delicious recipes for you– including breakfast, lunch, and dinner – that focus on balancing blood sugar. This is NOT a meal plan, but meal ideas to support your body!

bonus #3: grocery shopping lists

No more scrolling Google or Instagram for tips before you head into the grocery store! You’ll have access to clear lists of foods to stock-up on to best support your body through this journey. 

Bonus #4: Happy Hormones Exercise Guide

You’ll also get a downloadable resource with PCOS-friendly exercise ideas! Hint: they’re low-intensity and super effective. 

bonus #5: (optional) specialty lab testing

Once you enroll in the program, you’ll have the option to add-on specialty lab testing, including the DUTCH hormone panel and GI Map, that gives us detailed insights into your hormones and gut. 

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"My energy has never been better"

I don’t feel like a zombie any longer. My mood has completely changed. I lost another 5 lbs since our last meeting. Total 10 lbs since we started working together. My clothes are falling off me!” 

Elise, PCOS Warrior

The Health Provider Guarantee

I know there are a lot of “experts” in the health industry making big promises these days - especially online. It can be hard to know who to trust. 

I want you to feel confident when you place your trust in me. As your healthcare provider during this program, I promise you:

A Proven Framework

I’ve used this exact framework to help dozens of women heal their PCOS, have a regular period, and become pregnant. Many of these same women had been told IVF was their only option.

Fertility-Focused Methods

This program was designed with the goal of fertility & pregnancy. Each module serves a purpose in getting you one step closer to that goal. 

expert support

You deserve to feel seen and heard by your doctor. I promise to give you the highest level of support I can offer along with expert recommendations during our time together.

Don’t like what you see after you join? Let us know in the first 7 days and you’ll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Gillian, 26

“I'm not exaggerating when I say I am a completely different person!!! I have heaps of energy and I fall asleep almost immediately when I used to lay awake for hours. My anxiety has disappeared. My mood feels stabilized, clear, and calm. I had my first period within a normal window of time (32 days!). I used to feel like the fire inside of me was so dim, but now it's burning bright! And we're not even done with the program yet!”

“I used to feel like the fire inside me was so dim, but now it’s burning bright!”

We celebrate! And we immediately switch our focus to first trimester support to ensure you have a healthy full-term pregnancy. The goal is not just a positive test, but a healthy baby. 

What happens if I get pregnant while we’re working together?

Typically energy, sleep, and cravings are first to improve, which previous clients have noticed as soon as 1-2 weeks after implementing some of the changes in the program. On average, women will start to get more regular periods within 1-3 months. I've had clients get pregnant as soon as 1 month into the program, while others have taken 6 months.

How quickly can I expect results?

No! At its heart, this program works to heal the root cause of your PCOS. If you’re struggling with symptoms like irregular periods, weight gain, having low energy, or experiencing breakouts, this program will be helpful to you. Plus, whether you’re trying to conceive now or later, it’s never too early to start supporting your fertility.

Do I need to be actively trying to conceive to be a good fit for this program?

No. You can find helpful information for managing PCOS all over the internet, and these are great! But fertility (and healing) is a deeply personal journey. It requires understanding your body and your needs, which you can’t get by reading an article or social post.

Can I get the same results by following information online? 

The program is 4 months long. There are 4 modules which include about 1 hour of video content, plus (3) 30-minute coaching sessions throughout. 

How much time does this program take?


DUTCH hormone panel, GI Map, Mold, and heavy metal testing. You have the option to add these once we begin working together. 

what type of specialty testing do you offer?

We can order labs either through your PCP or OB for insurance coverage, or we can order them through a self pay lab.

How do you order labs? 

The PCOS Pregnancy Protocol is for people with PCOS, or anyone who is struggling with fertility. This is my proven framework to help you get in control of your PCOS and get pregnant. 

Virtual coaching is a great option for other hormone concerns (Endometriosis, Hashimotos, Perimenopause, etc.), for women with multiple conditions, or for those needing more individualized support.

What’s the difference between this program and virtual coaching?

Book a 30-minute strategy call with me! I’m here to help make sure this is the perfect program for you right now.

Still not sure if this is right for you?

Keri B, 31

“It's been life-changing. It has brought me a whole new perspective on a condition that I thought was just a destiny and not manageable. Now I am ending this program pregnant and with a whole different mindset.”

“Now I am ending this program pregnant and with a whole different mindset.”

PCOS is not an infertility sentence.

It IS possible to have a regular period. It IS possible to ovulate every month. And it IS possible to have a healthy, natural pregnancy with PCOS. 

Join dozens of other women who’ve walked through the exact steps laid out in The PCOS Pregnancy Protocol and are now getting a regular period (or not due to pregnancy - yay!) and are feeling like their most vibrant selves.